What and how we fly

We welcome new flyers, if you have always wanted to learn and decide to take the plunge let us know and we will be happy to introduce you to RC Heli flying

We have scale machines (Helis that look like helis) and we have Nitro, Gasser and electric powered helicopters of all sizes. Some membership do hard core 3D others are happy just flying back and forth and there is everything in between.

The club is lucky enough to have sought planning permission to fly which essentially means we can fly every day between 10am and 7pm.

As long as we deem that you are safe to fly you can fly alone just be sure to have a mobile phone handy.

The club is a helicopter first club however if you have the odd plane/drone/glider hanging around bring it down there is plenty of interest in all RC powered vehicles. Any questions just send us an email